Classicmobilia E'News Issue 57 October 2014

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Classicmobilia E'News Issue 57 October 2014

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Classicmobilia E'News Issue 57 October 2014

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

Welcome to the latest issue of Classicmobilia E'News which, thankfully, comes from warmer climates.

Looking back on several previous newsletters, there is definitely a pattern in the classic car world as we, at Classicmobilia, see it. The only way, as they say, is ‘up’.

We have been around long enough to remember the incredible heights reached in the ‘80s, especially (but not exclusively) in this country: well, the classic car industry seems to be reaching levels only previously encountered during that buoyant decade.

Many of us may be a little wary of the future, but with the market still driving forward strongly, why be concerned?

We should just enjoy what we have, fully secure in the knowledge that we have learnt from the past burst bubble, and that this is still the most sophisticated market in the world.

The auction world is becoming quite interesting, unpredictable and exciting: all good reasons to keep our eye on what's going on.

With far more cars coming to auction and being sold through it than EVER before (by the beginning of September this year, we had overtaken total 2012 auction sales), what does the future hold?

The only concern, as far as we can see, is that it is becoming far more apparent that online auctions are on the horizon. It makes practical sense, on the surface of it, but why buy blindly? Over the past months we have seen a new breed of people at auctions, the field experts who are supposed to be a buyer’s eyes and ears.

These are people who ‘know’ what they are talking about and get paid to inspect auction fodder. However, buying from auction is a big risk and you need to know what you are purchasing, as well as who you have employed to inspect the car on your behalf… or the uncertainty will be on both fronts, the car as well as your ‘expert’.

Although field experts are cropping up everywhere, it pays to choose them wisely, just like you would with a classic car.

The market is a big (and old) place: keeping an ear to the ground when checking over a unknown vehicle is a must, but you will only know if such a vehicle has been on offer before if you have been in the industry long enough.

Auction houses are ideal places to discard an unloved classic, maybe with a fresh paint job to make it look far better than it is. There are experts out there who probably know less than the private buyer: choose wisely.

On another note, with prices increasing quickly, please make sure your pride and joy is insured for the correct amount, always have your car professionally valued and make sure it is roadworthy.

Although in some cases, like in the UK, you no longer require a yearly MOT inspection, it is always worth the minor cost and inconvenient to prove to the insurance company the car was in tip-top condition, if anything should happen: regularly have your car professionally inspected and valued; it helps with the provenance, and protects its record files.

We can assist with buying, selling or valuations: please let us know, we look forward to your call.


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